Hotsumi Terakawa is born in Nagasaki te Japan. At the age of fourteen he started his Bonsai study at the Yagumo Mansei-En in Omiya. Omiya is known as the centre of Bonsai-masters and is located 25 km north of Tokyo. The Yagumo Mansei-En was the Bonsai-garden of Hideo Kato. Hideo Kato, member of a Bonsai-family that is very famous in Japan, is belonged to the greatest Bonsai-masters of Japan and his garden contained a large collection of famous Bonsai. Some of them even belonged to the national pieces of art of Japan.

Teached by Hideo Kato, Hotsumi Terakawa has studied for 7 years. He lived in his masters house and worked 7 days a week from 08.00 AM 'til 10.00 PM. It was a hard time, but also one of the best times of his life. After completing his study he worked for one year as a Bonsai-artist for a private Bonsai-collector.




After that he departed to the Netherlands to maintain and create trees at the company Lodder Vleuten BV. When he spook Dutch pretty well, he begin to teach at Hoka-En in the evenings. Because of his presence the art of Bonsai in the Netherlands and Belgium has qualitative grown steadily. The Bonsai-trees in these countries and a part if the rest of Europe show his style.
In the mean time Hotsumi got married with the Japanese wife Masako and together they have two sons Yuho and Taiga.


A number of years they lived in Ammerzoden where he made his long-cherished dream come true: a Bonsai-garden of his own. Here he gives lessons to both beginners and advanced pupils how to style and maintain Bonsai. The Bonsai-garden is completely designed in the Japanese way. The beautiful gravel-garden and the neatly displayed Bonsai-trees create an almost serene calm in this garden. When his sons grew up he moved with woman and children back to Japan.

Since then he lives in two worlds and he travels regularly back and forth between Japan and Ammerzoden.
Being an independent entrepreneur now, Hotsumi come more into contact with his customers. His image as a standoffish Bonsai-teacher has now completely disappeared. He is more involved with his pupils, what also appears from the foundation of the Bonsai-club “Sho Ryu Kai”. Everybody is welcome in his garden, but pleas give a phone call first.



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