Bonsai club Sho Ryu Kai

In the year 2000 (the year of the dragon), at the initiative of Hotsumi Terakawa, Bonsai Association "Sho Ryu Kai" or "Rising Dragon" was founded. Although many people know of Hotsumi here is a brief introduction to the founding father of our association.
Hotsumi Terakawa was born in 1962 in Japan. Nagasaki to be exact. Already at the age of fourteen he chose a life dedicated to bonsai. He learned the art in the bonsai garden of Hideo Kato, the Yagumo Mansei-En. After a very intensive period of 7 years in the garden,
he worked in Japan. Afterwards he chose the Netherlands as his home. Not only the Netherlands but the whole of Europe has benefited enormously from his presence. His agenda is always well filled with appointments for demonstrations, workshops, maintenance of private collections and teaching his students. They are taught in small groups in his bonsai studio in Ammerzoden where individual attention is an important aspect. However, it is precisely in these small groups that there is a problem. The groups have little contact with each other and the exchange of experiences and ideas is limited.
Consequently there arose in the late nineties an idea amongst the students of Hotsumi to found a bonsai association. There were two objectives, to maintain social and educational contact. That idea became a reality in the year 2000 and many successful meetings have taken place. Every year there are several pleasant events where the members meet and get to know and learn from each other. Several workshops, demonstrations and lectures by famous European bonsai masters, also on related art forms, can be attended.
However, Hotsumi Terakawa is active in various countries and he, along with his family, has chosen Japan again as his permanent residence. With great regularity he travels back and forth between Japan and the Netherlands. As a result of this development he is now less involved with the association, but where necessary, he supports the association through the provision of information and attending activities in which he shared his views with the attendees.


Besides the social character, a key objective of the association Sho Ryu Kai is to raise the level of bonsai art in the Netherlands. It does so by, among other things, holding an exhibition at least once a year in which, if possible, every member exhibits at least one Bonsai. In addition, a number of members regularly hold workshops, lectures and demonstration outside the association. Thus, the present knowledge is shared with others.

Sho Ryu Kai is based on friendship, fun and commitment, all these ingredients aim to show the bonsai world that Sho Ryu Kai members are serious bonsai people.




Membership is open to both students of Hotsumi Terakawa as well as others. Because of the objective to increase the level at which the members practice bonsai, there is one important condition: One can only join if one is serious about bonsai because only then can the level already reached can be retained.  Candidate members can pass on their interest to the secretary of the association.

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